What the New School Year Means for County Students

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Local educator discusses new opportunities for pupils.

In my last column, I discussed what teachers should do to become great this school year. However, the new year also provides new opportunities for students to excel.

We all want to be more effective inside the classroom. This column will discuss what students can do to seize the moment, enhance personal relationships and build respect with their teachers.

Be great

You can become what you dream of. On the first day of school, every student believes this is the year they will improve and do great things. But students tend to get in their own way on the road to success.

One of the biggest mistakes we often make is simply not believing in your own ability to achieve greatness. Don’t let distractions control you. You must set your own course. With the proper study/work habits and a disciplined approach, you can and will accomplish all you set out for yourself.

Surround yourself with greatness

It’s almost impossible to receive excellent grades if your friend’s grades are below average. You should be able to speak with your friends about life, the opposite sex, sports and grades. If you can’t sit down and speak with them about self improvement, then it may be time to choose some new friends.

Conversely, if you have friends that are about self improvement, then you should work together to achieve positive outcomes this school year. Laugh, play and excel with them. True friends allow you to be yourself.

Respect is given and earned

As a young person, there is a certain amount of respect that is due to someone older than you. And in many ancient cultures, teachers are the most respected people in the community. They are responsible for training the young and keeping alive the cultural legacy. Students must rekindle that respect for educators.

Whether or not you have a certain disdain for select teachers should never alter the respect you have for yourself and others. Once you are fully capable of respecting yourself and your family name, you will be surprised to see how much respect you will gain involuntarily.

To become a more effective student, you must work with purpose and improve yourself. Self-improvement can not merely be something you say; instead, it should be something you work towards every day.

It is possible for you to achieve this school year because you are molded from excellence. You want the best for yourself because you were made from the best. This school year, be who you were made to be — a great person.