Be the Change You Want to See in the Classroom

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With a new school year on the horizon, Victorious Hall offers tips for connecting with students.

During the first week of school, students and teachers are given manuals, taught certain procedures, and given all sorts of paperwork.  Students and teachers are the most energetic during the first week, as the new year presents great possibilites for academic excellence.

Students will meet the teachers who will serve them. In turn, those teachers will become acquainted with the young spirits they are charged to lead.

Youth are extremely impressionable, therefore, it is extremely important that educators make a lasting impression. Here are some helpful tips:

Be who you want them to be

Far too often, teachers are amazing preachers and struggling practitioners. Practicing what we preach is not always an easy task, but it is surely the most effective. Leading by example encourages students to act accordingly.

For instance, if you want students to remain respectful when they are disrespected, you must remain level-headed during frustrating moments inside the classroom. Our students must show their best, so educators must first model the behavior.

Become a morning person

This might be very difficult for you if an early start goes against your nature. Arriving on time, exuding an air of positivity and being “present” are extremely important when building human relationships. Punctuality ensures that you are able to give proper prep time, while also giving students their much-needed attention. As a result, they feel loved and valued.

Be positive

Having a positive attitude is one of the most important things you can do to build strong relationships. If students don’t like you, it will be very difficult to build powerful relationships with them. Far too often, educators let the stress of the job drive their attitudes and relationships with the students they serve. We must be able to isolate and manage stress, and present our best selves inside the classroom.

Embodying the same characteristics you teach, being alert every day, and exuding a spirit of positivity will help you during the year. Small, personal improvements can foster large productive changes.