An award winning educator, author, speaker and trainer for over a decade. Brother Victorious has focused his attention to creating healthy and positive schools and communities for young people. As a national speaker and host he uses his platform to focus our attention on the value of positive living, community engagement and education.  He was selected by the Prince Georges County Social Innovation Fund as one of 2016’s “Top 40 under 40”

Victorious has served young people in schools and thru numerous community organizations in the Washington Metropolitan area. He leverages his positions to teach young people to value themselves and their legacy in order to create positive change within their communities.

Victorious travels nationally and internationally to train teachers on the best ways to deliver information to young people and speaking to youth about the power and importance of a quality effort in education.

As a radio and television guest he uses his straightforward style to bring attention to the plight of oppressed people in a fashion that is digestible by the masses.

He recently co-authored his first book entitled Man Uplifting: Love, Leadership and Loyalty with Alfred Duncan. The book is written specifically for young men journeying into manhood. The book presents a varying view of manhood. One that grounds manhood in vulnerability, emotional understanding and community service.