A Strong Teacher/Parent Relationship is Essential to Education

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In the end, the student benefits, educator says.

The teacher/parent relationship is an extremely dynamic one, influenced by perception, best practices and time constraints. It is the role of both the teacher and parent to develop the best relationship possible to effectively educate the child.

Observe and Destroy Barriers

There are many natural barriers between parents and teachers. In Black Students/Middle Class Teachers, Kunjufu cited economics and perceived educational attainment as the biggest constraints. We must destroy these barriers by first acknowledging they exist. Then, we must take the proper steps to create concrete change through dialogue, professional development and understanding.

Be Receptive

Parents and teachers have their own respective strategies for raising children. It is important to value each person’s approach. Teachers must listen to the parent’s concerns since they know their child best. Teachers are servants to the community and should operate from a service perspective to build a more positive relationship with local families.

Creative Time

Many students are involved in extracurricular activities and have several engagements, including cookouts and family functions. Teachers and parents should build strong relationships by socializing with each other at these activities. Teachers can have cookouts, dinner night or teacher/family meetings at school or home. Invite families into more than just your classroom; invite them into your life. The relationship can still be professional. The better teachers and parents understand each other, the better the educational experience for the child.

The relationship between teachers and parents is an ongoing process. Teachers are merely an extension of the child’s family and both adults should work together for the child’s sake. When the parent/teacher relationship is strong, the child will flourish.