Veteran Educator Creates Learning Tools for Students

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Dr. Eugene Williams, Sr. has over 40 years of experience in education.

It feels good to be 29 years old and have 10 years of experience in the education field. Still, speaking with an “evolutionary elder” with 40 years of educational experience puts everything in perspective.

Dr. Eugene Williams, Sr. has taught and trained educators, written books and developed new standards for training teachers during his extensive educational career. And even with all the time this 69 year-old man has contributed, he is still very much involved in the field of education.

Williams developed the non-profit Academic Resources Unlimited to “provide instructional materials, tutorial and publishing services to youth, educators, school systems, community groups, and religious organizations.”

Williams said he was recently inspired by a group of youth he taught at Annapolis Road Academy in Prince George’s County. While reading a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., he noticed that many students struggled with the pronunciation and comprehension of several words in the passage. After consulting with his class about what to do, one student responded, “maybe if you put it in a word search, it will help us understand a little better.”

For that reason, Williams created a book entitled Words: Cross and Across to help youth build vocabulary and prepare them for standardized tests. He has also written several other publications, including Christian-based self help guides and books that help children understand spiritual laws.

Williams is also launching an organization called “Evolutionary Elders,” which will pair young men with positive adult role models. The elders will bring “wisdom, patience and understanding” to the lives of youth, Williams says.

It is humbling and inspiring to see an elder still so passionate about developing our children’s minds. Our elders are supposed to have the ability to transfer their energy to the younger generation.

“Young man,” Williams said. “I still have the mind to create change, but we need the young people’s energy!”