Small Victories Can Lead to Big Achievements

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In the classroom, it’s all about the little things, Largo educator says.

Spring break is a time for teachers to relax, regroup and prepare for the final run of the school year. Most teachers try to take a vacation, catch up on some grading or mellow out by doing absolutely nothing.

During my vacation last week, I received a text message from one of my student’s parents. It read, “I was watching the movie Panther with my son yesterday, WOW!” I replied: “Is that a good WOW?” She responds, “Of course! Thank you so much for all that you have done, my son comes home and teaches me things I have never learned in school.”

This message not only made my day, it made my entire school year. Before the break, I decided to teach about the importance of the Black Panther Party. Of course this is not in the curriculum, but I felt that my youth needed to know the information. A certain young brother was so interested in the concept that he went home and spoke with his family.

This young man is very introverted and only speaks and asks questions occasionally. He does not complete every assignment asked of him but he has passion in his eyes. By reading his body language, I can tell he cares about what he is learning. Therefore, his decision to discuss what he learned with his parents was an amazing thing.

It showed he was connected to his education and not just focused on grades. He didn’t have that discussion because of a letter grade or recognition; he had it because of his interest. He is taking the first steps toward ownership of his educational advancements.

As educators, we sometimes question our impact on young lives. We second guess ourselves because we are afraid of being different and we’re unsure if we reach everyone in the classroom. I do know that as educators, we all have these stories to share. We must hold on to the small victories in the classroom and know that positive energy activates constant elevation.

So when we push out all that is positive, our students have no choice but to rise to the level being asked of them. Educators, you are needed to be the best YOU possible in order to build life-long learners.